Winter super cycle!

  1. Winter super cycle!

    What's up fellas,

    so I've read your posts for about a year now, not sure if I've ever actually posted here but I decided to log/post/ask for opinions on my new cycle because this seems to be the forum with the most good information.

    So, 6'2", 225, 11 % bf. speed/strength athlete.

    mid 20's, experience with PH for 5 years and last year I ran my first AAS cycle.

    ran a test e/tren cycle last year
    Kickstart with MDrol at 4 weeks 20mg/day
    test e 500/wk 2 injects per week
    Tren ace 400 per week...100 eod.

    great results.

    Planning on kick starting this one with an Hdrol/epi stack
    Hdrol 75mg ED weeks 1-6
    Epi 60mg weeks 1-6
    sust 250 750mg weeks 1-12 (250 EOD)
    tren ace 400mg weeks 3-10 (100 EOD)

    Looking to get faster and stronger with a main focus on getting lean lean lean. But that's all dictated from training and diet. Looking to either shed pounds or stay around the same weight while hardening, getting more cut, and getting stronger. Again, not a cycle focused around mass.

    pct assist
    mens virility power

    Opinions or suggestions welcomed and encouraged!

  2. I like it. I'm gonna be doing something similar in the spring with epi
    cuz I don't respond well to hdrol.

    Test p weeks 1-9 at 600 mg/week
    Tren ace weeks 1-8 at 400-500 mg/week
    Epi 4-9 45/60/60/60/75/75

    Gl man

  3. I'm excited for this one

  4. wait what?? tbol in pct??

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Eric160
    wait what?? tbol in pct??
    Maybe it's the test booster called t-bol.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    Maybe it's the test booster called t-bol.
    i kinda figured that but u never know with some ppl

  7. This should be sick. What's your routine gonna look like? You're not worried about such a large dose of epi stacked w the halo for so long?

  8. Yeah it's the t booster tbol by thermolife.

  9. I've run epi at 60 before and I've run Hdrol at 125 before. Never saw any issues. Glad you guys are on board but let me know if anyone has any ideas or suggestions...I'm not starting until monday

  10. Get some before picks up when you start!

  11. i wanna see pics too. also u should add some daa to pct its cheap and effective


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