Epi + Stano or Epi+ Rs Transaderm?

  1. Epi + Stano or Epi+ Rs Transaderm?

    I'm planning my next cycle and I'm undecided about what to run as my test base for Epi to counteract lethargy and loss of libido. I know Stano wouldn't be a test base per se, but it's used to keep libido and avoid lethargy, and it's much cheaper than Transaderm. My question is, results-wise, would it make any difference? Is Transaderm stronger?

    Also, I wanna stack Epi with something else. I want to do a longer cycle since I feel I keep the gains much easier. I did a Winny cycle for 8 weeks and I just loved it (Kept most of my gains), but I have 3 bottles of Epi now so I wanna use them. For clean lean mass, what can I stack Epi with? or bridge into something else?

  2. transaderm will help with the stiff joints from epi if you get that side

    epi lmg wins

  3. Anyone else please care to suggest something?

  4. Stano IMO that's what I've got lines up stano/epi 8 weeker

  5. never used stano....but i have used rs-transaderm and it's a solid product to combat lethargy
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  6. It's almost like no one ever had anything to say about stano. I've been looking for good info all over (log, review, pics)

  7. I started Dermacrine 2 weeks into a Trenazone cycle. Had great results, kept my libido and noticed much more energy than week 1-2.

  8. transaderm did nothing for libido although gave good energy. did cause some anxiety when it used triple dose


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