B6 for prolactin gyno?

  1. B6 for prolactin gyno?

    Does this really work??? Heard if you exp this off tren dose 400mg of b6 a day... Cuz nov is just anti aromo

  2. I'd read that it helps.

  3. Yes, but there are stronger options
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  4. It could help, but there are much better options.

  5. Inhibit p

  6. Whenever I thought I was getting some prolactin rebound I took B6...I really wanted it more as a placebo just so I wouldn't freak out, I'm not too convinced on it's effectiveness. I often wonder if the people who are convinced it works are referring to injectable B6 or the oral form that most everyone buys and takes (ease of access of course). Caber is always a better option, but incurs many more sides. I'd go with caber for the sake of keeping my mind at ease...I view B6 as a risk. Perhaps start on B6 but have caber on hand.
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    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids


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