Winter cycle sust/tren

  1. Winter cycle sust/tren

    So has anyone ran sust/tren blend... I was told you had to do it eod but also heard twice a week would do it. So which one would you say? Only ran couple cycles prior minus ph. Thanks

  2. What ester does the tren have?

  3. as mach said, it depends on the ester; there isnt just one type of tren. Tren Acetate youd pin EOD with the sus. if you dont like a test blend as your base or pinning EOD, go Test E with Tren E 2Xp/wk with test E going for 2 weeks longer than the tren if you dont want to deal with the simultaneous shutdown of both compounds at once. the sides can get pretty real for you on the tren and if you cant handle them it's easier to stop with the tren ace as it gets out of your system within 2-3 days as opposed to tren e which can last up to a week. Personally id go with a cycle that has tren ace if i havent used it before, perhaps as a 4 week kickstart, and if all goes well then the NEXT cycle would be a tren e + test e combo.

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