First m1,4add cycle

  1. Exclamation First m1,4add cycle

    Hey whats up guys!?

    im here to post that i will be beginning my first m1,4add cycle. 2weeks out. and was wondering if there was anything you cansuggest or to change up what i got goin on.

    m1,4add by competitive edge labs (great products i think)

    week 1- 30mg e.d + cycle assist
    week 2- 30mg e.d + cycle assist
    week 3 -30mg e.d + cycle assist
    week 4 - 30mg e.d + cycle assist
    week 5- pct + (continue cycle assist yes or no?)
    week 6 - pctName:  m14add.jpg
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    week 7- pct
    week 8 -pct

    i will have bang on diet, 3k cals everyday maybe even more and lots of protein and other supplements to help along the way


  2. What pct?

  3. redefine nutrition revolution pct black and lecheek cycle assist, and was looking to get clomid or nolva... dunno which one im better off wit

  4. 30 mg per day is way too low of a dose. You will
    Need 3x that for starters spread over the day. Preferrably 120-150 mg( if not higher ). It has an approx. Conversion rate to d-Bol at 15%. I have used this compound before. Does have sum anabolic activity of it's own before conversion. Seems less androgenic
    Than Dbol

  5. So is it good stuff? cause it should be here soon, i just heard from a few buddys that its alright, and this will be my second cycle, ive ran mdrol before but couldnt run pct, due to court problems but this time around i have pct

  6. U Need to dose much higher than 30mg.

    100-125 would be about right.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  7. what do you mean you couldnt run pct due to court issues?

  8. the day before pct i got arrested is what i mean and alright ill do 100mg-125mg just thought id dose it low cause i heard its pretty harsh on the body

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ThunderHumper View Post
    what do you mean you couldnt run pct due to court issues?
    Hahaha you should have put in a motion to PCT to the judge.

    You made my day now.

  10. hahaha


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