bloodwork is in

  1. bloodwork is in

    hey, i recently had some bloodwork done because i've been feeling depressed and blah lately. I've never done any AAS but i figured i would go to you guys to help me make sense of this. My doc said that everything was in the normal range, but i figure it can't hurt to have you guys take a look too.

    i'll select some of the ones that are important to me, and maybe you guys know what they mean. (normal ranges in paranthesis)

    urea nitrogen 24mg/dL (7-25)
    protein, total 7.5g/dL (6-8.3)
    albumin 4.8 g/dL (3.7-5.1)
    Testosterone 624ng/dL (260-1000)
    free test 170.9 pg/mL (50-210)
    TSH 1.57 MIU/L (0.4-5.5)

    i have no idea what this is but it reads as:

    % free testosterone 2.74 (1.0-2.7)

    thanks everyone, and happy thanksgiving.

  2. your test level is in the upper normal range. of course mine test is at around 1500ng/dl (gotta love androgens ). looks good. maybe your overtrained? i get that feeling when i've pushed too hard too long.

  3. Go back and order a:

    Free T4

    Lower ender of FT4 scale sometimes brings depressionary symptons. An awful lot of people wind up being pushed on thryoid by GP. Then smart pants endocrinologist says-- doesn't fit AACE guidelines for hypo, takes them off of it. Presenting patient falls into depression from the drop. seratonin levels out whack. Next thing you know its SSRIs and/or therapy instead of a light dose of levoxyl for 12$ a month.

    Seasonal anxiety disorder can be linked to vitamin-D deficiencies. I know they'll look at you funny when you ask for the Vit-D-OH panel, but do it anyway. The reference scale in my opinion (this does not constitute medical advice) should be 100% higher than it is. You can titrate your way up in 2000 IU per day intervals repeating the test in 3 months to see where you are. If your very low, you can have your PCP write you for 50,000 IU Vitamin D tabs... beats swallowing whole bottles of 400 IU pills. The toxicity concerns are grossly overstated BTW..... you'd have to be on 150,000 IU a week for several months minimum for it to accumulate....

    You may want to try a lower dose levoxyl.. start at 50mcg... and see how it makes you feel.. are you warmer.. is it easier to get up in the morning... do you feel better..

    Test looks fine......certainly not hypogonadotropic if thats natural endogenous production w/o HCG.

    Hope this helps..

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