Strateg0s' PCT advice, a little skimpy?

  1. Strateg0s' PCT advice, a little skimpy?

    In his M&M article, he recommends to get 1g Nolva, and spread it throughout the 4 weeks.

    Recommended Nolva PCT is

    40mg (x7=280)
    40mg (x7=280)
    20mg (x7=140)
    20mg (x7=140)

    This is a total of 840mg.

    However, if one has the Nolva powder(tamox. citrate) wouldnt 30.4g be 20g Tamox?

    Thus making 1277g Nolva powder needed?

    Or am I just being pernickety(sp?)

    What actual dosages are you recommending Strat?

  2. Yeah, you can say it is being skimpy, if you like. Some of what I wrote in the guide was edited for the sake of brevity (in its original form, it was 15,000 words - edited down to 7,000). Nonetheless, what remains in the final copy is the minimum a person would want to do to ensure recovery. 1000mg of tamoxifen citrate is equal to ~660mg of Nolvadex, so over the course of 30 days, using that gram will be equivalent to taking about 20mg of Nolvadex (on average). It would obviously be better to do a little more, but this would probably be sufficient if used over an entire month. 30mg (45mg TC) would only cost another $5 per PCT, if a person was using the powder. That was an option I had alluded to.

    In short, I was trying to ensure that everyone knew that they had to do PCT, and that because there was an option out there that would let them do it for a mere $10, there were no excuses whatsoever not to do PCT. This remained in the article, and it works as a very basic PCT.

    An example:
    100mg x 1 day
    50mg x 3 days
    40mg x 7 days
    30mg x 9 days
    20mg x 10 days
    = 1000mg, $10

    For $15, use 1.5x as much, which will result in the same numbers but for Nolvadex proper, rather than just tamoxifen citrate.

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