Insulin Mimickers

  1. Insulin Mimickers

    Ok, so call me stupid, but I've been looking at a few insulin mimickers, and personally, they just look useless! The directions for their use states to take with meals containing 50-100g of carbs, which in and of themselves will jack up insulin levels, so what exactly are the mimickers effectiveness?

  2. I have same prob understanding they. But ill give they a shot one day.

  3. Clear glucose from blood stream quicker.
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  4. So they clear the glucose quicker than insulin alone? Wouldn't that make them insulin helpers, rather than mimickers?

  5. The idea is to selectively shuttle the carbs to muscle tissue vs storing as fat. Unfortunately none of them have been proven to do this.

  6. When using VS I get more carbed up,fuller muscles,in a quick time(few days).


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