About to go on TRT in a month but have a deal at aphrodisiacs

  1. About to go on TRT in a month but have a deal at aphrodisiacs

    I have low test and have an appointment with endo 2 weeks from now.

    I don`t know if she will put me on TRT but there is a chance.

    There is a deal that I came across,very good price for maca,tribulus,longjack and horny goat weed,which I normally use from time to time for libido.

    Should I order it or not?

    Can one take these sometimes if on TRT?

    I know TRT isn`t guaranteed to keep you horny all the time.

    As I understand,some people use these aphros on cycle and off cycle,if needed.

  2. I ordered.

    Someone should take my credit card away from me.

  3. It's fine, those have nothing to do with exogenous testosterone.

  4. Thanks mr,that`s what I wanted to hear lol!

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