So before i started TRT my Estrogen was 70 pgml. My TRT regimine is 200mg cyp a week. 500 iu HCG 2x a week. And Anerstrozole .5mg 2x a week. Im 5 weeks into TRT. I feel and look and am performing the best i ever had. When its warm i look a little flabby and bloated but also my toes and elbows are kind if hurting. However it might not be related to E because i hvnt been eating as clean as i should be and i do mma. Sex drive is great. I want to lose belly fat and gain not ad haard as i should be kinda soft. I want to lower my estrogen levels. Money is sort of an issue. Is .5mg 2x a week enough to lower estrogen? Should i maybe take .25mg 4x a week? Maybe 1/3 3x a week? Should i add another .5mg to make it .5mg 3x a week?

Any advice will be appreciated.