Wanting advice on my first cylce: Testosterone Enanthate and Tbol

  1. Wanting advice on my first cylce: Testosterone Enanthate and Tbol

    Hey, I'm new to this and it is my first cycle. I weigh about 74kg. I'm wanting to put on a lot of muscle mass. My diet is good at the moment.

    I have two bottles of test-e and 100 tablets of tbol (10mg each) . I am going to have 2ml of test-e a week for about 8 weeks, along with tbol 30mg. I am able to get more if its needed. I've been told 30mg is a low dosage but I thought I should start at a low dosage for my first cycle. I haven't considered what pct to use and how much of it yet. I'm also taking 3 doses of milk thistle (175mg) a day.

    I was wondering if people could advise me on:
    - My dosage of what I'm taking (if I should get any more or less of anything?)
    - Post cycle or towards the end what would be recommended to take if my balls start to shrink? (I heard clomid and hgc are used)
    - Is there anything I should include in the cycle?
    - What PCT I should use?

  2. run test-e for 12 weeks. if u wanna do less get prop. imo ull hardly feel 30mg tbol but i guess thats all ull have with only 100tabs. with 2ml test ur gonna want an ai so reasearch arimidex. im not gonna spoon feed u the rest just google pct. there a million ppl whove run 500mg test for 12 weeks with an oral kicker. literally million so im sure ull find something for pct info

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