Intranasal delivery for M5aa/MDHT?

  1. Intranasal delivery for M5aa/MDHT?

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried this or if it could cause a higher stimulating effect pre workout than just oral delivery. What I was thinking was just go to walmart and get a nasal spray and mix it possibly to 10mg/squirt and take several squirts pre workout. Opinions?

  2. No one? Well, I think I might try this out and snort 20mg M5aa before my workout and then take 80mg orally. I am just gonna split the capsule and up the nose it goes

  3. i think you can make products specially for this.....seems complex, but pre-workout supp as good as M5AA would be awesome up the nose!

  4. I tried snorting 50mgs of M5, no felt difference from Oral, but I don't get much from M5 anyway. PEG is the only thing that will reliably dissolve M5, not a water solution, that would burn big time.

  5. Don't snort methyls - there is no point. They are for oral use, period.
    If you want a great pre-workout boost, mix 3-alpha with HPBCD cyclodextrins. Of course, you can only buy 500g sizes of HPBCD, and mix in 60g of PH with that, so you'd better like them.

  6. Exactly, intranasal delivery is to improve absorption.... methylation has already solved that problem. I'm thinking you would actually get LESS hormone into your bloodstream by snorting a methyl.


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