SD-10 + pot

  1. SD-10 + pot

    Next month I will be starting a cycle of SD-10 (superdrol), I also smoke a lot of pot lol. I was wondering if I should stop smoking during the cycle or just not smoke as much or not change anything. I smoke anywhere from 2-5 times a day. I'm not taking the SD cuz I'm a lazy stoner incase you were wondering lol, so if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks guys.


  2. You should try to roll that SD up and smoke it ; )

  3. Shouldn't be a problem; just be smart.

  4. Pot has great muscle relaxing qualities leading to better pumps and for some gives confidence allowing better lifts. I used to smoke a fat blunt and then go to wrestling practice lol. I felt super strong.

    If anything keep smoking and use the hunger it produces to eat really clean. I would imagine that it would be greet if your goals are for bulking. You will get the most out of the glycogen overcompensation.
    My muscles are pharmaceutically enhanced.

  5. yeah haha been there done that. i smoke tons of pot on aas. have plenty of appetite for dryer foods like chicken rice oats..... i actually attribute most of my bulking sucess to pot

  6. Log this! Lol

    Day one:

    Pre work out: 2 fat Ls and 2 caps of SD
    My muscles are pharmaceutically enhanced.

  7. yea and add in the muchies too well see how clean a stoner can keep his diet

  8. Sub'd!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Eric160
    yea and add in the muchies too well see how clean a stoner can keep his diet
    Nothing like a fat bowl and a big mac lol
    My muscles are pharmaceutically enhanced.

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  11. just don't smoke as much, post work out would be the best time

  12. sd + budd = naassttyyyy munchies

  13. There was a time when I'd toke after every single workout. Feels good.

  14. i used to burn before after and before bed hahaha dont know how i ever did that

  15. keeps me from killing everyone...

  16. a b-load before the gym keeps me single minded and focused on lifting and i eat like a horse after


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