Trenazone or Super DMZ 2.0 for lean mass?

  1. Trenazone or Super DMZ 2.0 for lean mass?

    I was pretty much set on running trenazone until I found all these logs on Super DMZ 2.0 with gains from 12-20lbs in 4 weeks with no sides or bodyfat increase. Sounds intriguing but wanted to get your guys take on which would be better suited for my goals. I'm looking to put on and keep 12-16 pounds of muscle with big strength gains. But I want to emphasize I don't want any increase in bodyfat going for almost a recomp more like a clean bulk though.

  2. stack them

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Eric160
    stack them

  4. Only my 2nd cycle, wanted to run either one solo.

  5. Tren for 8 weeks at 150mg will add some nice LBM

  6. Super-DMZ will definitely hit your liver/heart pretty hard. Trenazone won't really impact your liver at all and is a lot easier on the heart as well.

    I'd suggest a 6 week run at 1.5 mL per week, up to 2 mL if you want to crank it up a notch.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  7. Thanks that's what I'll go with.


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