cutting cycle 4ohn dec/4ad cyp/ 1test cyp

  1. cutting cycle 4ohn dec/4ad cyp/ 1test cyp

    OK doing a bulker right now but im up to a high bodyfat.

    I figured a month or 2 after pct ill jump on a cutter.

    Goals are to maintain mass while strictly burning fat maybe a pound or 2 of mass nothing much. Cardio for 45 - 60 mins 5 times a week after trainning.

    Now I have 8 weeks of 4ohn deconate at 400mg and 5 weeks of 4ad left at 1800mg a week. and 6 weeks of 1 test cyp at 600mg a week

    Now is 1 test a good cutter?

    I have had good results while trying to cut with nandrolone because of its ability to be catabolic on fat while maintaining mass.

    So I figured I would do 3 weeks of 4 ohn and then add the 4ad for the remaining 5 weeks.

    Now I am not sure wether to add the 1 test in like week 2 or 3 or not what do you guys think?

  2. 1-test is a good cutter it gives dry gains which is optimal, IMO when cutting. I would run it longer than you are suggesting however, at least 4-6 weeks.

    My bad, I just noticed you plan on running it 5-6 weeks. I personally would run it throughout.


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