Proper Cycle Guidance ???

  1. Proper Cycle Guidance ???

    I would like some help on preparing for my next cycle. I already ran my first 10 week cycle 5weeks of Prop, then 5weeks of Androgen (which I'm not sure was the wisest thing to do). So now as I search and continue to prepare for my next cycle which is still a few months out, I just want to be better prepared and get a little more insight. Can someone tell me how I should set up my next precycle, cycle, and PCT (I think I pretty much got PCT down, but all info is welcomed). Should I stick to one T instead of doing half and half? What are the best supplements to use to prepare the body for a cycle? Also when it comes to bulking and cutting, is it better to bulk on cycle and then cut afterwards? (dieting,calories, etc) The last question may seem dumb, but I always get conflicting information so I was hoping to get some clarification. Lastly I just want to know how to judge good gains from cycles, during my cycle I put on about 14pounds of muscle is that good or not the most impressive? I mean I can't complain, but I'm wondering should I be expecting more.....

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  2. I personally prefer combination of esters, for ex

    Test prop 100mg/EOD weeks1-4
    Test E 500mg/week weeks 1-12
    Test prop (slow taper down) weeks 12-16

    And I prefer bulking on cycle if that is your goal because of the amazing properties you get from steroids, but either is more effective with help from AAS. However you should ALWAYS make sure your ready for cycle (generally blood work etc.) and make sure you know why you are using the steroids in the way you are, I would do some research on AI's and other supplements to aid your cycle and if using orals look into milk thistle.

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