PMD Test 600 and Anavar... I need help

  1. PMD Test 600 and Anavar... I need help

    Alright Im taking PMD Test600 along with Beta-cret and adding creatine for a pre workout, now i was approached and got my hands on anavar.. need help with how/what/when i should be taking/doing....

    185 lbs.
    Body type: Former College Wrestler, Been lifting all my life ( just wanna get big now!)
    200+ protein
    3500+ calories
    Lifting 6x week

    goal is 205 lbs.

    Please help dont want to hurt myself and dont want to waste money or time!!!


  2. How much test and anavar do you have? And what do you have for PCT??

  3. I have 6 weeks Test and 4 weeks of anavar.... and using nolva for my pct...

  4. What kind of test? And run a test booster and possible erase/daa for pct ontop of Nolva

  5. Anabolic Research Test 600x is what i have... i have a test boost PMD Test600 anabolic trigger... what erase/daa should i use? thanks for all the insight... any other suggestions maybe different cycles?

  6. Test 600x anabolic trigger isn't test....

  7. no i know that the anabolic trigger isnt test thats the test boost im using... but anabolic research Test600x isnt? thats what was told to me

  8. How much test is it? Is it e p or cyp?

  9. Very confused op


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