super dmz or SD for next cycle?

  1. super dmz or SD for next cycle?

    Looking for input for next cycle. Should I stock up on some SD or is super DMZ going to give the same gains?

  2. looking at dmz myself

  3. iml super dmz is the bizness. strongest and best dmz clone out, hands down, IMO. but loves me some sd..
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  4. im looking at LGI.....

  5. Super DMZ is Ultradrol+Dzine at 10mg each, so two caps is 20mg UD/20mg Dzine.

    SDMZ will give better results and you'll feel a lot better than running 20mg or 30mg of straight out SD solo

  6. I was thinking SDMZ. Whats a good stack for dry gains?

  7. I'd say stock up on both since they last 5 years. Sd is kinda banned again anyways


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