Can too much creatine cause kidney stones

  1. Can too much creatine cause kidney stones

    Just went and had blood work done and an X-ray done . Severe pain in my rt lower back that taurine and water just didn't help thought it might just be back pumps not the case . I'm glad they didn't do a full blood work up today . Been cycling 600 mg test for 8 weeks kicked it off with a four week start of p plex and then four weeks of trenadrol mixed with some furaguno to lean out and harden up a bit. I've made huge gains about 18 lbs wich at least 15 lbs are quality muscle with very minimal sides a little acne little blood pressure and some water retention . My question is what caused the kidney stone the prohormones or the creatine I drink every couple days . I keep my diet really clean good quality protein good carbs minimal fats plenty of water usually about a gallon and a half to almost 2 gallons daily . Never had any kidney issues before . Liver is good had good blood work pre cycle . Hoping everything goes good I still have another 8 weeks left on this cycle . I'm just gonna run 600 mg of cyp 1 a week till I'm done then it's onto a long pct hopefully

  2. kidney stones can be caused by many things, usually lack of water, too much caffeine, and a surplus of calcium. PH and creatine cause the shunting of water to the muscles, do to increased glocogen or other reasons. if you do not increase fluid intake appropriately then u will be in a dehydrated state. excess protein intake also cause dehydration.

    you can take some magnesium citrate if they are calcium stones. citrate keeps calcium from bonding. measure your water intake.

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