Gearing up for my Trenavar run (pun intended :D)

  1. Gearing up for my Trenavar run (pun intended :D)

    Hey guys after some deliberation and a long "off" period for me I have decided to run some Trenavar. I'm thinking 5-6 weeks at around 60/60/60/60/60/?

    Support supps will be AI life support and probably just some fish oil and what not.

    Pct will consist of nolva, recycle, and maybe some intimidate or another natty booster.

    Am also looking for a test base as many have suggested but not exactly sure which one to pick. Most options seem pretty expensive but I need one as I want no part of lethargy or a dead dick.

    This will be my 2nd cycle as I ran Pmag at the end of last fall and had some great results bulking. I've trimmed down the bodyfat and am down to around 10%. With this cycle I'm aiming at a recomp and am looking to add some lean pounds.

    Am really looking on some help with the test base..stano seems like a popular choice but is so damn expensive, same with p-stanz.

    Any other feedback greatly appreciated

  2. test e would work really well for you; 5-6 weeks tren + 12 weeks of test e (might even kick in towards the end of ur tren run) profittt

  3. Sry, should of specified...looking for an oral test base

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