Yeah thatís my stats, try not to hate before you hear me out. I used to be a lot skinnier than that. I have an old driverís license that says 6'6", 140lbs, I was rail thin, I joined the Army at 170lbs and got out four years later (of the airborne infantry mind you) at 170lbs, I am a hard gainer personified.

But donít let my post count fool you, I have read and researched about diet and weight training all my ectomorph life and read and reread this and other well known forums for quite a while now. Yeah I have a lot to learn but I'm no layman. I know eating a **** ton, lifting consistently and a few staple supps will get me what I want. Patience and persistence is key I know. There are no shortcuts in this game, I know. But I am an experimenter beyond reason. I did some unsuccessful runs of M1T and Andro-6 when I was young and dumb and knew nothing about AAS. It seems like jobs and a persistent lat injury have always kept me from being
consistent before, that's not a problem now. More recently I did a 6 week Helladrol cycle with all the trimmings. It was a serious recomp that got me down from 220lbs of skinny fat to my present state, this was three months ago.

I know it's harder to pack on quality mass as your physique advances, so how much realistically could an intermediate lifter put on in 8 weeks with a perfectly tweaked cycle and diet? We've all read stories of SD bridge cycles and the like that add 40lbs but is that realistic to think one could gain and hold onto that after PCT? And I mean lean mass not fat.

My diet is IF, I eat 3600-3800K at 49%/17%/34% P/F/C on workout days and 2600K at 49%/33%/18% P/F/C on light cardio days. My lifting schedule is currently 3 days of a mix of DC and Layne Nortons PHAT training, I will probably change this to a four day split depending on how my recovery amps up on cycle. I feel like my diet and training are finally where I want them and I'm ready for another cycle of something stronger, can anybody give me a reason why I should hold off on the following cycle? The only one I can think of is possibility of injury.

Weeks 1-10:
AI Cycle Support

Weeks 2-10:
Ultradrol 8/12/12/16/0/0/0/0
Trenazone 1/1.5/1.5/2/2/2/2/ (Stopping Tren a week before Epi, is that a good idea?)
Epistane 0/0/20/30/30/40/40/40

Weeks 5-14
HCGenerate 10 caps ED tapered to 5 ED
Weeks 5-16
Formastanazol 5 pumps AM/PM tapered to 3 pumps AM/PM


Weeks 10-16
Torem 120 first 3 days/90/60/60-30/30/0/0 (Should I just do Clomid?)
DAA 3/3/3/3/0/0
Erase 1/2/3/2/1/0
Titanium XL
Division 1
Ostarine 12.5/12.5/12.5/12.5/12.5/12.5
AI Post Cycle Support
SlinShot As needed

Orange Triad
Fish Oil

Sorry such a long post for a cycle critique, just trying to avoid flaming, with that said, flame on!