Help w/ Test E Cycle

  1. Help w/ Test E Cycle

    First post here since I just recently found the site. Looking for some advice on PCT for a test e cycle that I'd like to do. Here is background and stats on me.

    I'm 23 years old, 6'1 and weigh 200 lbs. I'd say I'm between 14-16% body fat currently. My ultimate goal js to be 210-215 at 10-12% BF. I have lifted consistently since I was 17 or so but just recently (within the last 6 months or so) learned how key diet is in achieving your goals. After counting calories/macros and learning what exactly I need to eat, I've dropped from about 225 to 200 lbs while increasing strength and maintaining muscle. I vary my workout routines but generally lift at a 6-12 rep range and do mainly compound lifts. I've focused greatly on increasing my squat and deadlift over the past few months and achieved a 405 lb squat and 505 lb deadlift not long ago. I haven't maxed on bench but do sets of 5x5 in the 245-255 range as of right now.

    I have a lot of questions regarding nutrition while on cycle, workout program while on cycle, and correct PCT on cycle. I'll start with nutrition.

    If my current maintenance calories are say 2800 and I am looking to put on very lean mass while on cycle, what percentage should I increase that by? I know how to lean bulk naturally but am really unsure what effect (if any) that steroids have on converting excess calories to muscle rather than fat. It may be a moot point and I may need to eat as if I normally would while lifting naturally but I needed to find out for sure before I started anything.

    My second question has to do with the workout program I will follow. If I lift on a 3 day split right now (say chest/tri, back/bi, legs/shoulders, rest) how would I modify that to account for the steroid use? More volume per day, lift more often, etc? I'm sure much of that will be personal preference and I realize I can make gains lifting almost any way while on cycle but I want to make sure that I am getting the most out of it rather than half way doing it.

    My last question has to do with how to set up the cycle and my PCT. Say I have on hand 2 ml test e, 5,000 IU HCG, 36 50mg clomid, and 15 1 mg arimadex. I am looking at running it for 10-12 weeks (10 if I do 500/wk and 12 if I take 400/wk). How would you set up the cycle? A friend of mine is planning on running the arimadex throughout but I've read that it will hurt gains if you use it unnecessarily. I don't want gyno but would like to make full use of the cycle so if I can keep the arimadex for emergency only that seems like the way to go.

    Sorry for the long post but I'm definitely not jumping into this uneducated so looking for all the help I can get. Thanks guys!

  2. First thing is you should prob post yoir nutritional questions in the nutrition section and your workout questions in the training section. You might get a little better response to those. As for your cycle questions test e at 500 mg a week is prob the way to go for your first cycle. I am currently running my first injection cycle and went with test e for 10 weeks maybe 12. Pct should be a serm clomid or nolva !

    Clomid 100/75/50/50 I think would be ok 2 weeks after last pin.

    Ai I have it but won't run it unless I need it. I have run other methylated orals in the past with no issues so prob won't need it.

    I would suggest a dbol front load for the first 4 weeks but if you run into problems you won't know if it's the test or the oral so I guess that's up to you. Hopefully a few more experienced guys will chime in to give you a hand. U may want to just start a new thread with your stats and the cycle that your looking to run and front questions from there. Hope this helps!

  3. Bump.. Any other takers?

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