do i need TRT ??

  1. do i need TRT ??

    hey, im 29 almost 30 have all the normal signs of low T,lack of energy all the time ,increase in injuries & muscle fatigue,slower recovery,low sex drive,joint pain & an overall ****ty feeling all the time ,symptoms have slowly gotten worse starting 3years ago. even with good diet rest & exercise no work stress. i need some help on what the blood test really mean as my doc just says your all good "its all in your head "and doesnt really want to know about it.i did have alot blood work done but ill just put a few up if anything else is needed just ask. results ; total test =15.0 nmol/l SHBG = 25 nmol/l, free test= 349 pmol/l,FSH= 3 U/L , LH= 3 U/L ,TSH= 2.5 mU/L, IGF BP3= 160nmol/l, igf-1= 40 nmol/l . is this low? do i need TRT ? Thanks for your help !!!

  2. Yeah your test is low and so is your LH, FSH, SHGB. Tell your doctor to go fock a weedeater and see a real doctor or endocrinologist. You could fight for a strong case that you need TRT.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

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