Tren ace

  1. Tren ace

    Planning on running tren a. What else should I stak with it to become effective with a cutting cycle? Have a low budget. Will use cloned and have arimidex on hand just in case of the sides. If I can stack it with something suggestions will be appreciated.

  2. *clomid

  3. Can I run this solo or should I add something to it

  4. By asking these questions you make me think that you are not ready for TREN A!.... man TREN is gonna f... you up so bad without mercy D: ... you asking these questions, so tell me, how many cycles you have under your belt?... how long will you run tren?.... now how to stack it... id go with testosterone enanthate and definately get yourself some HCG, because who knows how long it will take to return your test levels to normal once you stop the almighty tren!... dont get me wrong, tren is fantastic, but is very harsh and is definately not for begginers... so, God bless you !... by teh way, ive never ran it before, but ive studied the compound a lot. i plan to run it in 2014 tho :P

    the AI... dont use it "just in case" if you let E2 get to high it will supress you further, so id say use it from week 3-4 specially if using test

  5. ur gonna do it anyway, but just know tren is one of the harshest compounds out there. Absolutely run test unless u wanna feel like **** for 8+ weeks. Def pct with i said be ready for the sides bc tren ace kicks in quick

  6. posted my stats in another thread been doing research for 3 months just trying to find the perfect cycle on a low budget. I changed my cycle layout anyways u can check my other thread thanks for the help

  7. i suggest saving your money bc you will never know what youll need if the worst happens....dont wanna be broke at that moment


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