Bulking Cycle

  1. Bulking Cycle

    Iím 26, Iím 6ft 180lbs. 2 years ago I was 230lbs and cut 50lbs of fat and some muscle. I lost some strength during the process and wanted to do a bulking cycle to put lean muscle back on. I am currently around 7% bodyfat and workout 6 to 7 days a week doing either crossfit, p90x, insanity, running, or my own design. I have some heavy weight and small/short cardio workouts designed for the bulking cycle. I wanted some opinions on a cycle. I had gyno surgery a year ago and got most of the gland tissue and fat removed. I still have alittle still behind one nipple or it could be scar tissue.

    4 week cycle
    PH (Which PH?)
    Ultra male rx (1 cap ED) am
    Tribulus (How and when to dose?)
    Organ Shield (2 caps ED) am
    Advanced cycle support (2 caps ED) before bed
    PES erase (1 cap ED) pre-workout
    6 week PCT
    Tamoxifen Citrate: 40/30/20/20/10/10 (CEM)
    Ultra male rx (1 cap ED) am
    Tribulus (How and when to dose?)
    Advanced cycle support (2 caps ED) before bed
    PES erase (1 cap ED) first week
    E control (3 caps ED) last 3 weeks
    I also take ZMA, CLA, EGCG, fish oil, hawthorn berries, orange triad, and milk thistle

    I plan on taking in around 400g of protein a day. Currently I take in a net of 2200 calories and my increase is as following:
    Week 1-2=2500 calories
    Week 3-4=2800 calories
    Week 5-6=3100 calories
    Week 7-8=3400 calories
    Week 9-10=3700 calories
    Week 11-12=4000 calories
    Week 13-14=4300 calories
    Week 14-16=4600
    And then start to reduce it by 300 calories a week until I get to a 500 calorie deficit to start cutting.
    Is the CEM tamoxifen legit? How do I dose the Tribulus? Im kinda worried about gyno cause I hated having it. Ive done 2 cycles of superdrol, 2 cycles of m-drol, and a cycle of havoc. The problem was is that I was young and dumb when I did superdrol and didnít do a PCT at all. I know stupid. Since that point ive always done a PCT with nolva but I believe thatís where I developed the gyno.
    Any advice would be appreciated

    I liked Mdrol but was wondering if anything else out there was better for bulking.

  2. I think I'm going to use havoc for 6 weeks at 40/40/40/40/40/40 for my ph what do u guys think?

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