Tren Ace/ Test E 2nd Cycle

  1. Tren Ace/ Test E 2nd Cycle

    I'm about to start my second cycle. Gonna do Test E and Tren Ace a little something like this
    1-4 Test E @ 500mg 2 pins @ 250 every 4th day
    6-12 Test E @ 300 mg 2 pins @ 150 every 4th day
    4-12 Tren Ace 75mg EOD

    PCT- Start Nolva 2 days after last pin, Clomid 2 weeks later. Not too sure if this will be most effective to combat the side effects of tren. I personally don't have any experience with the stuff. Have some buddies that have used it in the past and I i didn't know you could get vascularity like that. I'm pretty excited to start but just wanted a little input on my planned cycle and what ya'll would do differently. Also was wondering if i could pin the test and tren in the same needle for my 2 days of test. Any input is most appreciated.

    I already have everything just need fine tuning so that I can get maximum results and minimize loss of gains

  2. Your going to need prami or caber to help with prolactic drop the nolva

  3. You want to minimize tren sides pin ED

    I would look at:

    Wk 1-12 test E 500mg
    Wk 3-8 tren ace 50mg Ed
    Wk 9-12 tren ace 75mg Ed

    Run aromasin at 12.5mg Ed throughout cycle n pct. drop the nolva.

    Prami be a good idea.

    SuperDMZ would be a sweet kicker wk 1-4 as well.

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