I think I seriously messed up my endocrine system with rpn havoc. I need help.

  1. I think I seriously messed up my endocrine system with rpn havoc. I need help.

    So I started off with a 5 week cycle of 30 mg everyday. I think I must either be a non responder or a very weak responder because I didn't really see anything from it. I did gain a few pounds and my lifts went up but Im sure that was just from my hard work and diet, nothing unnatural. My pct was pretty bad I admit it. All I used was revolution black pct, which is obviously only otc and doesn't include a serm. But I really shot myself in the foot by jumping onto another cycle right after pct. Deep down I knew I was'nt recovered or ready to do this, but I was so dissapointed with my results from the other cycle that I didn't care about that at the time. I started off at 40 mg every day and planned on running it 6 weeks. I also started eating around 4,200 clean cals a day to bulk and get the most out of this cycle. Now Im 3 weeks into the cycle. My lifts haven't gone up much at all. I gained around 6 pounds and almost all of it was fat. Every day I look smaller, I almost feel like im losing muscle and gaining fat overnight. Towards the end of this week I also noticed my lifts going down a ton. Last week I did 335 10 times deadlifting this week I could only do 340 once! Also, I'm still facing the side effects of havoc. I have really bad back pumps and im shut down. So im losing muscle, losing strength, gaining fat, and im shutdown. Sounds to me like my testosterone might be pretty low. Do you think If I jump off cycle now and use a really good pct I could save myself?

  2. A fantastic pct is your only hope....best of luck to you and I hope you recover well...grab some Clomid erase daa and another test booster...again good luck and let this thread be a lesson to people who don't have patients or want to research a proper pct
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  3. Thanks. How does Nolva + Testforce 2 + Erase sound?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Kidcudi View Post
    Thanks. How does Nolva + Testforce 2 + Erase sound?
    That would work!
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  5. I would say get Clomid it's much better and will bring you back quicker and easier
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  6. clomid or nolva whatever you can get your hands on

  7. Clomid! Quit your cycle and run a pct and them get bloods in about a month! It's the only way you'll know If you'd recoverd or not.

  8. sorry to hear that, consider that epistane is also an AI, so prolly you have very low estrogen already and thats causing you those symptoms, plus, the liver stress is playing a huge role there... what i would do... id drop it... id start PCT witch clomid, toco-8 and a cortisol blocker.... then after PCT wait 2 weeks and start using Erase pro for 8 weeks if you please (erase is awesome), since im not sure if you should suppress esrogen any further on PCT, thats why you wait 2 weeks after PCT before using erase...JMO and good luck, clomid definately will help!

  9. Man OP, I just came across this thread but I'm almost certain this is probably what is influencing your problem in the other thread you made. Or a part of it it anyway among other things. Drop the cycle and start pct man.

  10. Go get some bloodwork done so you can really figure out where you are, and then move forward from there.
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    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids


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