PULSING MY CYCLE need advise.

  1. PULSING MY CYCLE need advise.

    hello, i was doing a cycle of rpn havoc. im on the last 2 weeks and my plan was 30/30/40/50/50/50. Day 34 today. i havent had much time to ham it at the gym lately so i was going to pulse the cycle and add a 7th week to it since pulsing usually requires doubling the amount of days in order to obtain the same effects.
    So starting tomorow, i will start taking 90 mg instead of 60. my pct is nolva. should i overlap that with my last week just to be safe? not sure how to pulse yet..

  2. Anyone?

  3. I probably wouldn't recommend it. The point of pulsing is to try and keep your natural test levels higher than it would through a straight cycle. You're already 6 weeks in so your test levels are probably in the ground by now. If you would try pulsing it your off days would most likely be miserable since your body will try and rebound which will be like trying to start a car on empty. Maybe you could dose a SERM on your off days but I'll let someone more knowledgeable answer since I'm not overly savvy with that.

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