help me not f up twice

  1. help me not f up twice

    did 6 week hdrol cycle follwed by nolva 20/20/10/10 with pct assist. Got e rebound formed a little gyno. 2 weeks after pct went on letro for 50 days. Gyno is at where it doesnt bother me and you cant see it. Just finished 1st week of nolva at5 20 mgs. How do i go about this so i dont make the same mistake twice.

    i planned on doing nolva 20/10 with adding pes erase during beginning of second week and then use till bottle finished. Is that enough to prevent rebound? Do i need a test booster along with erase?

  2. bump bump dude 50 days on letro.... ouch man i dont know too much but that cant be to good, what was the dosage on letro

  3. nolva 20/20/10/10

    get blood done at the beginning of last week to see where your levels are at before you stop might need to run nolva a bit longer just a suggestion

  4. They did letro trials on men for 6 months at 2.5 with few negative effects so 50 days is nothin I think the erase is a good idea since its a suicide ai. Forma would work good too

  5. Look at black lion formeron too.
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