i had never read on anyone using it stand-alone like 6oxo, so i gave it a shot. 5 days into it with MGF 2x this week, got veins (never been vascular) going through my hands, up my arms. motivation is definitely increased, definitely not a placebo effect. getting some of the strength from before surgery back. no aching joints yet.. my gyno (never used AAS– it's leftover from puberty) has shrunk down.

overall i look a lot smaller than before, but my muscles are much harder and compact compared to before, probably because i'm pissing every other hour. surprised not many people have used this, it's definitely anabolic, maybe not as much as a steroid, but it's pretty good. only bad side is random hypertension/anxiety, but i'm diagnosed with OCD/anxiety NOS so i'm sure it has something to do with that.