So Epi + PCT has cured my gyno.. now what?

  1. So Epi + PCT has cured my gyno.. now what?

    Hey guys, as the title states my epistane cycle + pct has basically cured my minor gyno/puffiness that I had from a bad cycle years ago.

    Im currently in my 3rd week of pct, during the cycle my supps were:
    epi 30/30/40/40/40/50 + all sides supps liver/cycle assist/joint ect..

    My pct is currently:
    Nolva 20/20/10/10/10
    Erase 1/2/3/3/2/1
    Cycle assist
    Joint support
    multi ect..

    During the cycle I noticed a minor reduction in sensitivity in the nipple area
    In my 2nd week of pct I noticed no more sensitivity in the nipple area at all, no lumps, no puffiness
    So between the nolva or the erase somethings working great

    This kinda happened to a lesser extent before in a past cycle with just nolva as pct, but my minor gyno rebounded 3 weeks after nolva stopped

    Any suggestions as how to keep my gyno froming flaring up ever again? I mean its freaking gone right now, no joke

  2. Might wanna extend your AI pass the nolva.
    Nolva also has a very long half life (5 days or so) so I would try keep the AI around AND on hand in case you get any other gyno flare ups.
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  3. K sounds good, hopefully it stays away this time

  4. Epi has been known to reverse gyno.
    Do ad mattrag said.
    I would then cycle off your AI altogether for a few weeks, then run another natty test stack with a suicidal AI for 4 more weeks, then hop on a stanodrol cycle for your next one.
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