Torque fully loaded...

  1. Torque fully loaded...

    What's up people... Just looking for some insight on this product called torque fully loaded by a company called geared up.... A friend has recommended it to me so I have purchased 2 bottles. I am looking to start a cycle soon and am wondering what I should include other then the obvious protein and what not... My buddy basically takes this and protein and that's it although I have had recommendations to take the pct and possibly an anti-estro. If I go the anti- estro route I was wondering what what would be the best route.

    I am an avid lifter going back almost 10 years... I am 28 so I understand for the most part the risk I am taking on a hardcore sup like this and I am looking for the best results. Up to this point my experience with hardcore sups has been limited to what you can buy at *** (which I feel are good but limited). I am looking for good info to help my knowledge and experience. Any info y'all can drop on me is appreciated. Feel free to post away....

  2. What ingredient is in it? I never heard of it.

  3. 2a, 17a-dimethyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androstan-3-one (10 mg)
    A3 (anabolic amplifying agent) (30mg)
    Piperine (piper longum extract 5%)
    DHB 6,7-dihydroxybergamotin...

    Checkout geared up nutrition's web page also... U can just google it

  4. Do not ****ing take it.

    It's a superdrol clone. Superdrol is one of, if not the most potent oral STEROID on the market.

    If you want to get into the world of prohormones/steroids, you better start with a compound that won't royally **** up your liver values. Either throw the bottles away, resell them, or put them on the shelf for a good while. You've got a lot of researching to do.

  5. superdrol!

    if this is your first PH, I would recommend NOT taking this for your first. Its powerful stuff. This is not a supplement and I highly advise you to read up on PH's first, support supps, PCT, etc... before even thinking about touching it.
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  6. i love these threads. i've done quite a few cycles and won't touch sd. funny how people won't just google the ingredients. by *** do you mean g n c ? those guys are blithering idiots.


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