Hey there

I've been reading through these forums (and others like it) for the past few months and have come to the decision of starting a cycle of Vital Labs Halo-V. I'll be taking it for four weeks with PCT following for another four weeks. Some information about myself, I am 22 years old and 5'7 at 170 lbs and have always been a VERY hard GAINER. IMO I have a decent base to start from; I have been religiously working out for 5.5 years and have seen my body change from a skinny to a more meaty guy and I feal this cycle will help me reach my short term goal of 185 lbs (or as close to it)

So to the good stuff,

Week 1: Halo @ 50mg + Annabolic Innovation Cycle Support
Week 2-4: Halo @ 75mg + Cycle Support + Purus Labs Organ Shield

PCT Weeks 5-8: Erase + Cycle support + DAA
And, if necessary per any advice, I can acquire liquid tamox.

I would appreciate any constructive input whether it be I'm too young, I should weigh more first, input on my supps or anything else.