I'm currently on TRT with my endocrinologist and dialed in a dose of 200mg Test Cyp/week and feel great! My one complaint over these months has been the testicular atrophy and a friend suggested and supplied HCG which I mixed tonight. Plan on running what I've read as Dr. Crisler's routine of 250iu the 5-6 day after a shot. My question is, any sides to look out for at such a low dose and how long after I stop will my serum test levels be raised? I understand that it will affect my test levels and when I have bloodwork scheduled I want to know how early to stop for my normal TRT levels to return. I also don't want to screw up what currently feels like an ideal test level but know that HCG restores many other cycles that test alone won't supplement with my testicles shut down.

Thanks for the help everyone.