Does M4OHN increase testosterone levels?

  1. Does M4OHN increase testosterone levels?

    I am currently on M4OHN at 24 mg/day for 7 weeks. During my fifth week I am going to see a HRT doctor. I am just wondering if M4OHN increases total test. or free test levels? I am going to see this HRT doctor to get my test levels checked out. If they are low enough, hopefully he'll place me on weekly test shots. A few months ago I went to my family doctor to get a blood test. At that time my free test levels were in the lower normal range. If M4OHN raises test levels then how long should I wait until my cycle is over before I go see the HRT doctor. Thanks for all help.

  2. It will definetly screw with you test levels, thus making an appointment for HRT during your cycle a joke IMO. That is, unless you are trying to "trick" them into givign it to you. You will most likely be supressed

  3. After 5 weeks they should definitely be lowered. Please post your before and during cycle test results so that we can all learn something. Thanks.

  4. I think it will lower test levels.

  5. what would the MOHN show up as in a blood test? Would it show up as affecting anything? would the total test be really high and the free test low? or vice-versa?



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