actual dosing for kantadol aka furuza-A

  1. actual dosing for kantadol aka furuza-A

    ive heard 200, ive heard 450, whats the sweet spot???


  2. dont u take it with fats too?
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  3. sure, w/e floats your boat.

    300mg is the starting dosage i recomend for users to start at.
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    Is there a reason that Furuza is so underdosed? (I guess I could ask the same to IBE about Boladrol....) But in terms of, say, CEL the rest of their products are spot on and then comes Furuza which requires 6-8 capsules to yield any significant results...

  5. I've read you can run it at lower doses if you stack w another compound.

  6. cel products were dosed at the same amount as other more expensive products with the same compound.

    example, superdrol products, are all typically dosed at 10mg, 90 caps.

    furazabol from axis labs was dosed in 50mg caps, 60 caps as well as were other products with the same compound.

    when I worked for the company that makes katanadrol 2.0 I pointed out what a typical dosage would be for this product, and that it would be nice to have it all in one bottle.

    and then you get katanadrol, 4 week supply at 250mg e/d. and depending on where you buy your furaza-a, may be cheaper, or more expensive at that dosage.


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