I recently ran a 10 week course of primobolin 100mg eod and also test prop 100mg eod i am planning my next course for to start in about 2 months test enanthate 500mg per week equipose 500mg per week and primobolin at 100mg eod( i really liked the primo in my last course) and so want to include it again,my only worry is at week 8 my head started to get very itchey right on the top of my head it got bad enough that i was alarmed i used nizoral shampoo which helped a bit but when i stoped my course it went away i suffered no hair loss but during my research read that primobolin can cause alopecia??Was that the first signs i was getting with the itchey head and was i lucky to stop taking primobolin shortly after this started?? Am i better staying away from primobolin