Need help with Timing of PCT Supplements

  1. Need help with Timing of PCT Supplements

    Alright I've got about everything lined up for my cycle of Pmag. The only question I still have is the timing of when to implement the different supplements during PCT.

    This is my PCT Plan

    Nolva ( 20/20/10/10 )
    Reduce XT (cortisol control)
    Sustain Alpha (AI)
    Test Force 2 (Test Booster)

    I've heard that you should start Cortisol Control week 3 of PCT. Start the AI at a low dose and increase as I taper off of Nolva; then continue past week 4 of PCT, decreasing dosing. And to take the Test Booster and Creatine for the duration of the PCT. Does this sound right? I've heard quite a bit on contradicting info out there so I'm hesitant as of now. Help would be much appreciated!!!

    P.S. I'll also be taking; Cycle Assist, Liv.52, and ON Multivitamin through the duration of the Cycle and PCT for protection.

  2. Yes, but I would use Sustain Alpha for 6-8 weeks and start it at the beginning since it really mitigates estrogen


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