Oldest transdermal PH used and still effective

  1. Oldest transdermal PH used and still effective

    I have experience using 4ad/1test trans and am currently using 1test (trans)/4ad (trans)/m1,4ad tabs.

    I am not experienced enough to know exactly which compound is working and which isn't due to the fact i've never used m1,4ad.

    My 1test trans is 18months old (stored in cool dry place, never refrigerated), and my 4ad trans is about a year old.

    My question is, what is the oldest transdermal ph you've used and was still effective (meaning no loss in potency)? i.e 1 year, 2 years, etc.

    I ask, b/c I probably won't even know if my 4ad or 1test is working (maybe i'll know 1test if i feel the lethargy), b/c I haven't used m1,4ad before. Please even if your ph is was not as old as mine, post anyway.

  2. Avant was saying you were good for 2 years with their transdermals when they were discontinuted, so you should be fine I would think

  3. just curious b/c i've heard 1 year, i've heard 2 years, and i've heard 3+ years. However, the only way we can really tell is if actual users tested the old product.

  4. up to 4 years with good storage conditions for 4-ad and 19nor-4ad solutions

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