Saturated my head in Minoxidil for ~5 months, seemed to regrow lots of hair

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  1. So of I put this on my balls will I grow more hair, cause o want as hairy sac.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by jaydollars View Post
    This guy has some good info, here is what I do:

    5% minoxidil/azelaic am followed by spironolacatone cream

    15%minoxidil/azelaic pm followed by spiro cream again

    Everytime I wash my hair I use ketoconazole shampoo at 2%

    All this could be ordered on amazon

    This works, I am regrowing hair and no more shedding
    Did you add spirontholacatone cream to your routine yourself or did Chris say that on his website?

  3. It's only good for regrowth. You can't grow hair in spots you never had hair, otherwise you'd get hairy fingers when you rub the **** into your scalp

  4. Is this something that once you stop the product, the newly grown hair falls out? Jw

  5. sick stuff man. did u experience any libdo loss while on fina?

  6. Dude I stumbled upon your videos somehow on YouTube and now I see that you are a member here that is awesome

    I have learnt a lot from your videos

    I tired to send you a YouTube MSG to say thanks but you have that feature disabled.

    So I'll say it here thanks for all the work you put into your YouTube videos and website

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  7. Hi just read your hair loss regime Saturated my head in Minoxidil . sounds ok but what do you do put the minoxidil on the wait till t dries for a few hours
    he put it on again?? id jus like to say ive been looseing my hair for years now, have tryed everything. i wonder if you can help me
    my regime at the moment is as follows
    1 5MG FINASTERIDE A DAY. MINOXIDIL 5% 2 times aday . nizerol shampoo twice aweek allso useing hairmax laser every other day. my hair s thinning very badly could you advise me on what i may use, do you think the stuff im on now will help me. do you think the 5mg finasteride is ok.
    would you get back to me
    cheers as soon as pos
    steve b

  8. anybody know where i can buy spironolactone 5% cream?

    im from uk england cheers steve

  9. Quote Originally Posted by steve555 View Post
    anybody know where i can buy spironolactone 5% cream?

    im from uk england cheers steve
    import it from hair loss talk.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by steve555 View Post
    anybody know where i can buy spironolactone 5% cream?

    im from uk england cheers steve
    I sent you a "suggestion" via rep PM.

    But, in addition to the above protocols.....nettle extract is probably the one thing that made the most improvement for me. I used Division 1, unleashed and now test factor (not the DAA version, the SHBG version) and it literally stops any remaining hair fallout. Minox/AA/spiro/nizoral have worked well for me, decreasing hair fallout by 50-60% easily....but the nettle extract dropped the remaining 40% in half or better....I am not sure why or how this works, but I have had it happen 4 times now with different products. Within a few days to a week, there is much less hair fallout....regardless of if you had an issue with it, or if it was under control before starting nettle, this stuff improves the situation either way.

  11. Minxodill is a good medcinie for hair loss.Hairs start growing with it, if patient hair loss problem[/URL] is not very serious. In some cases it can't help patient to stop hair loss. Before using any version of Minxodill, must consult with a good Hair doctor or dermatologiest.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Outstanding View Post
    Thanks so much! I saw on another thread, the super-long main hair loss thread, that someone else said minoxidil can be purchased raw, should be pretty easy to mix into solution.
    Making 5% minoxidil is easy but over that this is another story because of the solubility of minoxidil in the solution.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by CEDeoudes59 View Post
    [*]2-4 Applications of PI 15% Minoxidil with Azelaic Acid (if you haven't used minoxidil before definitely start with the 5% strength minoxidil) The idea is basically to keep your head saturated in minoxidil the entire day.
    Good to hear this protocol did work for you. But where is the rational for keeping the scalp saturated with minoxidil. If it ever can be saturated. Other that your experience is there any study? Rational?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by AnabolicHolic View Post
    Within a few days to a week, there is much less hair fallout....
    I doubt you can see any change in your hair loss in as little as few days or weeks. usually it takes 3 to 6 months to see any improvement.


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