Pulsing EPI for 6 weeks-How does this look

  1. Pulsing EPI for 6 weeks-How does this look

    made a mistake in the title it's actually 5 weeks

    22 years old, 185lbs 12% bodyfat ,lifitng 5 years.3 years seriously now

    I workout 4 days a week

    Monday,Wednesday,Friday,Saturd ay .Am I still able to does the EPI on my w/o day or should I stick to the Mon,Tues,THurs,Fri layout

    I can't really decide on whether to move my split to Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri or switching to a 3 day pulse cycle and running it for 4-5 weeks.

    Looking for about 5-10lbs from this pulse.Its my first cycle and I just really want to get my feet wet.I'm extremely busy at college and I'm ready to begin my first cycle but need to avoid serious sides to get great grades so I think pulsing will be perfect for me.I know that its not as effective but I want to try nonetheless.

    I'm goign to be very conservative just to ease myself in
    Weeks 1 - (4-5)
    Epistane 20mg on workout days
    POST Cycle Support 2 caps AM 2 caps PM on NON-workout days.
    Cycle Support 1 scoop AM 1 scoop PM

    Weeks (5-6) - (8-10)
    POST Cycle Support 2 caps AM 2 caps PM every day
    Cycle Support 1 scoop AM 1 scoop PM

    I'll keep a SERM on hand but have no idea how to do it if its needed after a pulse.I know how to dose it PCT after a full cycle but with the pulse (if its needed) I'm not sure.Also will I even need a SERM as EPI is already an AI? I'm gonna get the answer now every cycle needs a SERM aren't I.

    This is what my EPI cycle for September looks like but I'd rather get stuck into some kind of PH now.

    5 week EPI cycle


    On cycle: Cycle Support AI


    erase 0/2/3/2/2/1

    Nolva 20/20/10/10

    HCGenerate 5 caps a day

    NAC 1000mg Every day

    Vitamin C 1000mg x4 a day AM,PRE-wo,POST-wo,PRE-BED

  2. First, you need to dose higher, I did not notice gains till I hit 60mg, either do mwf of mtthf

    No point in pulsing if you are running a low dose, otherwise just run 4-6 weeks straight

  3. so if I did M/W/F and still stuck with my 4 day split would I see some alright gains or would you recommend me switching up the order and putting my split to M/T/TH/F and running the EPI pulse at 20/30/40/50/60

    Don't want to run it fully until September when I can be ready and have enough time to combar sides.I'm worried about concentration loss and lethargy cos I have a lot of study to do in the next few months

  4. Your sides will be felt around the workouts when you take the epi, most likely a bp spike because of the high dose, other than that you will be fine, I would only take your doses on workout days

    Also your mass gain goal is too lofty for an epi pulse, more like 5-7 lbs maybe, if you want 10-15 lbs you need to pulse superdrol

  5. Definately not going for superdrol on my first experience with a PH.

    How would you dos the EPI if you were a beginner then .Theres a lot of conflicting info out there.

    Also is my PCT good for a PH with such low sides?

    Seeing as its mild enough I may as well go for 6-8 weeks.Same dosing or lower dosing?For PCT and the cycle?

  6. anybody wanna help

  7. anyone?


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