M4OHN/M5AA Cutting Stack

  1. M4OHN/M5AA Cutting Stack

    I'm going to run about 4 weeks of M4OHN/M5AA as a cutting cycle. Will the combo shut down my normal test production to the point of needing to run some 4AD along with it to prevent lethargy, etc, or will the M4OHN/M5AA be sufficient in and of itself (for all my test needs LOL)?

  2. Hopefully some of the more tecnically inclined will chime in as well, but I can give you my experience. I found in the cycle I'm just about to complete that the M4OHN and M5AA will do the trick. Since neither is gonna eat you alive (like M1T), you'll find plenty of energy I think and shutdown effect seems quite managable. I actually ran 200mg 1T t/d with these, and didn't suffer lethagy, so just the 2 should be fine. I got up to 40mg M4OHN and 100mg M5AA daily, spread out through the day, and have found hardness and vascularity as well as strength. Be patient, though. I was 2 weeks in, thinking "this sh!t isn't working" when in truth, it just takes some time. Keep your diet in check, and I'd say shine the 4AD--it will just bloat you, not cut you.

  3. Thanks! How did you arrive at your dosages? While on my bulking cycle, I ran 600 mg 4AD (transdermal), 300 mg 1Test (transdermal), and 16 mg M4OHN; in 4 weeks I gained 19 lbs. In my cutting cycle, I started yesterday at 30 mg M5AA and 16 mg M4OHN. Today, I increased the M5AA to 40 mg, and will probably push to 50mg M5AA tomorrow. During my workouts (yesterday and today), I was well focused and a great thermogenic effect (love that feeling!). Did you experience any sides so you knew you were above the "proper" dose?

  4. You will not feel shut down on either one of those. M4ohn will stimulate your cns so go for some 1-test if you feel like it. We don't suggest stacking methyl's on this site, so I would say run a 6 week 1-test cycle with m4ohn, then for two weeks run the m5aa at 100mgs a day at then end. Make sure you have nolva for pct.

    weeks 1-6: m4ohn and 1-test
    weeks 6-8: m5aa

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