Sciatica: what to ask for?

  1. Sciatica: what to ask for?

    One: need to be able to somewhat function.
    Two: Can't have a negative effect on anabolism/muscle mass.
    Three: How about nubain or tramadol? Or Valium, I know it helps with muscle somehow, but I don't know if it has the same negative effect of nsAIDS.

    OTC NSAIDs aren't going to cut it, this is serious pain.

    I have horrible shooting pains in my legs, and my ass aches a little. It's gotten worse throughout the day. I can barely walk; I'm not a pain killer fan, but this is going to require some pharmaceutical help to continue functioning.

    I'm going to an ortho tomorrow. I need to know what I can take that won't **** with my goals in the gym. I won't be doing anything that could cause more spinal compression, but I do need to be able to bench and **** so I don't go crazy as I heal.
    I can't quit lifting, my body is part of my job, and I have a show in four months.
    Please help, painkillers are not my strong suit.

  2. make sure to stretch hammies and piraformis muscle. that will aid in it.

    When i had sciatica, i was advised not to do deadlifts... honestly the wors advice i got. i started doing very light rack pulls to help strengthen the erector muscles in my back and my core. Along with the stretching it started to subside.

    however this all depends on WHY this is happening. buldging disc may not be the best idea.

    acetametifen is fine. but pain killers, good luck dude. i take that **** one day, the next day i am out for the count.

    but good pain killers are:

    Percocet (i can tell you how to remove the APAP (acetometifen) to make it less liver toxic so you can dose higher)

    Good muscle relaxers are:



    Tramadol/ultram ehh, gotta dose fairly high
    skelazxin... dont waste your time
    vicodin, unless you remove the APAP and take like 40-50mg you really wont feel anything worthwhile

    the key is to try and take these PRIOR to the pain starting.

    SOMA and Flexeril are good for that. Flexeril i would take at night **** puts you on your ass

  3. Thanks for the advice man!

    Question; won't most of the painkillers listed have negative impacts on muscle? I know the studies on NSAIDs are all over the place.... I've read all of them.
    And muscle relaxers... Never had them but that sounds anti-workout/training. Am I correct?

  4. You guys are both really really doing me a huge favor talking to me about this. I'm laid up in bad in horrible pain.

  5. Also, decadron; I thought cortosteroids were extremely catabolic.

  6. Ole miss, decadron is extremely catabolic.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by weightofwords View Post
    Also, decadron; I thought cortosteroids were extremely catabolic.
    injected locally your ok. if it taken orally its a different mess.

  8. im going thru the same thing bro, ive been outa the gym for over a month. i was in great shape and it happened putting my pants on. thr only thing that kinda works is vicoden, taken with asprin and ibuprofen. ridiculous pain. i would recommend also some beginers pilates. its been helping me. next month im scheduled for an Epidural injection. this was recomended after a steroid injection did nothing and an mri showed a herniated disc pinching the L4 nerve. but my doctor said this isnt the cause of the pain. its not a severe hernitation. so anyway i recommend any opiate painkiller, ask for an epidural if u cant take the pain, or its getting annoying, i know mine is. also layinh on the floor with a heating pad on it.good luck-jake

  9. Honestly for pain control opiates are my favorite. The downside is I build up a tolerance to them pretty quickly. I have to take 30 + mg of vicodin to even get any pain relief so the script doesnt last too long. The other downside is they can be fairly addictive depending on the person so be careful. I had knee surgery a while back and they gave me Tramadol when the vicodin ran out and I absolutely hated it. It made me very moody and irritable whereas the vicodin just made me relaxed. My suggestion would be to find the cause of your Sciatica and try to treat that primarily and the pain secondary. Best of luck man.

  10. Does your hip hurt as well? I have hip bursitis which affects my sciatic nerve, supposedly a cortisone shot can fix it but it didn't work for me. I think the doc may have missed his target. I have to lay on my back to put my socks on lol. I hope you can get it fixed man, it rly does suck. Weightlifting and exercise always makes the pain go away for a little while though.


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