Andropen 275

  1. Andropen 275

    Alright guys. I started an andropen 275 cycle 5 weeks ago. 550mg a week. Iv started taking n2guard,HCGenerate and im taking a low dosage of arimidex every 3 days. I have forma stanzol for pct.

    Buuuut, I need help with the nolva/clomid, I've heard so many mixed opinions with this stuff. Do I need both? If so how shall I dose it? These 2 bits really confuse me lol.
    Please guys I need help. I know it's only a test cycle but I want to do this properly.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. You'll get a mixed response, but all you need is Nolvadex. Start it 2 weeks after your last inject. Run it four weeks at 20mg per day.

  3. ok bro thanks, is that all i need? apart from the other stuff iv got?

  4. Yep. That's all you need. How's the cycle going?

  5. It's really good. Feel a lot stronger! Pinning nice and neat. No blood, no pain etc. very hungry all the time lol, and a high sex drive. It's made me alot more confident aswell. Iv gained about 4-5pounds in 5 weeks!

  6. What's your calorie intake like? Are you doing a lot of cardio? Losing bodyfat too?

  7. My calorie intake is between 3500- 4500 caIories a day. I eat a lot. But some days I eat alot more. My fat is stripping off aswell. The weight iv gained has not made my weist any bigger


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