Test E, Tren A, Anavar, Winnie Cycle --- Critique !?

  1. Test E, Tren A, Anavar, Winnie Cycle --- Critique !?

    Training for 13 yrs (former competitive athlete)
    This is my 4th Cycl
    28 yrs old/210/5'11
    bf @ 18% (trying to get down to 14% before cycl)
    Best way to describe my training is that its only as good as my diet during the time period....If I eat clean I train harder -- If not (due to extracurricular activities--puff puff) I then will eat like **** for that period and my training suffers.
    Currently on clean diet (and will be for the for seeable future) 1g of protein per lean body weight (about 190lbs/g of protein )
    Running 3.5 miles/day in addition to my 2 body parts/day for 6 days/wk in a 3 on - 1 off breakdown. Limiting Carb intake to 150g/day.
    NOT LOOKING TO GET HUGE...LOOKING TO ADD MUSCLE AND CUT FAT (isn't everybody) WOULD LIKE TO COME DOWN TO 185-195 Ripped! BUt that will all depend on how disciplined I can stay with my nutrition .


    Week 0-12: Arimidex 0.5mg EOD

    Week 1-11: 250mg Test E (M,TH)

    Week 1-10: 75mg Tren A EOD

    Week 1-16: Cabergoline 0.5mg EOD*

    Week 1-6: 70mg Anavar ED

    Week 7-11: 50mg Winnie ED

    Week 2-13: 150iu HCG (Sun,T,F)

    Week 13-16: PCT Nolvadex ED 20/20/20/10 (mg-wk)

    Week 13-16: PCT Clomid ED
    100/100/75/50 (mg-wk)

    Week 13-16: PCT Aromasin ED*
    12.5/12.5/12.5/12.5 (mg-wk)

    *Decided to run Cab through cycle and pct , couldn't identify a valid reason not to...sides seem reasonable (lol)...looking for some feedback on this decision.
    *Saw consistent dosing of Aromasin during pct in my research....also interested in dosing suggestions if in your opinion this consistent dosing is lacking...

    Any and all opinions/suggestions are welcome!

  2. Aromasin and Nolvadex are probably both not needed. Choice one, I'd go Aromasin.

  3. Yeah, I'd normally agree...but I'm really Gyno prone and due to the fact that I'll aslo be taking HCG which is known to have negative effects on gyno (like the test and tren do)....I feel that it is safer to use all supps. It is also in my opinion necessary to include these in order to effectively recover from Tren.

  4. cycle legit. PCT




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