Injected into a vein and now sick

  1. Injected into a vein and now sick

    Running Test C and EQ, injected Tuesday morning and hit a vein (no aspiration (idiot))! I got light headed and coughed a bit, but went to work and nothing happened. Wednesday morning I started getting a sore throat. It is night now and I have runny nose, cough, (feels like a fever but none so far), stuffy, headache, sore throat. The injection site is fine, no redness/sorness/temperature/anything. Did I get infected from the injection? And what should I do? If it is an infection, is it more serious than normal sickness? Need Advice!

  2. Usually you would have an irritated injection post if it is infected... A buddy of mine hit a vein ( a$$ cheek) and it became large and red and he said it was hard to sit down but he was not sick, he also used the same needle twice. But if it gets worse id got see a doctor ASAP!

  3. it goes away in a few days...happened to me once, next time aspirate.

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