M4OHN/M5AA stack

  1. Question M4OHN/M5AA stack


    I was wanting some option on my new cutting stack. Here is my plan:

    1)Week 1-2. Mt1(2MG)/1-test
    2)Week 2-5 M5aa and M4OHN.(maybe 1-Test too)

    How does this sound I am thinking of using S1+ for 1-test but I am not sure if I should use it for the entire cycle.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or another stack that might work better?


  2. I am also thinking of using Methyl-Dien instead of M4OHN. Can some one help?

  3. Firstly, running M1T and 1T together seems like a "Death by Lethargy" sentence, especially if you don't have any 4AD in the mix. Just like illicit anabolics, the foundation for most every stack should be test, and without test (4AD in this case) you're not going to feel good...so maybe the S1+ is a better bet.

    Does week 2 overlap--IOW, youd be taking M1T, M5AA and M4OHN/MDien all at once? Not a good idea. I'm for mixing methyls, but M1T shouldn't be stacked with any other methyl.

    As far as the second phase of your cycle, you need to give us the dosages your going to use. I like Mdien more for cutting than M4OHN, but you need at least 3 weeks to see any changes. Only problem is Mdien starts chewing at your liver at effective (read HIGH) dosing, and stacking with another methyl directly AFTER M1T is probably not a good idea, so I'd go with M4OHN. Plus, M4OHN is easier to recover from, and some would say (myself included) that it actually speeds recovery. Ditch the 1T in the second phase if you want to be able to recover better.

  4. Thanks for the input. I am not planning on using all of them at once. I am manly consered is the S1+ is even needed.

  5. One more thing. Do you think a stack with M1,4 adro would be good?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Molehonea
    One more thing. Do you think a stack with M1,4 adro would be good?
    Molehonea....pooh, didn't you just careful read what Brodus has posted? Is m1,4ad a methyl or not?


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