Proper Dosing Help with Transdermal?

  1. Exclamation Proper Dosing Help with Transdermal?

    I just started my 1 test/ 4ad transdermal 2 days ago.
    I am dosing 250mg / day of each, but the problem I am having
    is with overspray. I want to make sure I am getting the
    right dosage and don't want any of it "misting" onto the floor.

    I've heard of using syringes to get more accurate dosing. Can
    anyone give me more help on this practice? Thanks.

  2. Just cup it into you hand then rub it on. Or go to walgreens cvs ect and
    buy a dropper like you give babes their meds and make sure it has the
    right measurments you need.

  3. go to walgreens and ask for an "oral syringe"

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