cycles (be it PH's or the real deal)

  1. Cool cycles (be it PH's or the real deal)

    Hey guys,

    Here is the deal. I am looking to get on a cycle of SOMETHING just haven't decided yet. Only issue is I don't know what supplier is real and what isn't. There are so many "steroid" sites out there that you can't really go off of because well...they could be sending you meth for all I know! I have been looking for some test cypionate for awhile and stacking it with nolva. I want to keep the test doses low 200 to 300 2x a week just to see how I respond (If I even decide to do this stack). Obviously I am going to be doing a lot more research but I feel like I can't do proper research if I don't know exactly who to buy from and what is available. I live in the U.S (Pretty much anything that helps you stay/get big is banned) so I'm limited on what I can and cannot do( At least in my view and I don't really care if its illegal because I'm not stupid enough to get caught) I just had shoulder surgery about 8 weeks ago and I was looking into the andro series (androhard, andromass, androlean) but by the time I decided to buy and figure out my PCT they took it off the market to "reformulate it" AKA its going to be a total pile of SHI% if I have learned anything over the past 9 years its when something is reformulated its just not what it once was. I played "big" time college football (D1-AA) and I know the in's and outs clean diet, good lifting program, proper supplement use but I need that extra push now. Anyone have any advise on retailers? Any advise period? Like I said I'm a long way from buying anything just yet. I want to do my homework first and early because when the end of November comes around (Expected full recovery date) I want to be able to get after it right away. Any info would be great.



    Anyone know anything about SARMS?
    F.E.W.S.I.C (For Everyone Who Said I Couldn't)

  2. read the stickies and then edit your whole post.

  3. doesn't answer the supplier questions....that's the main point of the post.
    F.E.W.S.I.C (For Everyone Who Said I Couldn't)

  4. Go to I hear they have some good deals on heroine too
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.

  5. sweet. Thanks for the help. ****s.
    F.E.W.S.I.C (For Everyone Who Said I Couldn't)

  6. lol just bustin your balls dude. i dont think your supposed to ask for sources here. u can get ph's almost anywhere on the web and there basically just convert to steriods in your body. h drols a common one, so is epistane. employ the help of google and you will go far
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.

  7. sorry dude...been a little frustrated lately and it boiled over on just about everyone yesterday. I realize that most of the time you gota find the AS's at the gym through your buddies or some ****. The only prob is most of the "lifters in my life don't know the difference between **** and a sandwich. I have been reading up on PH's a lot lately and I have been hearing they aren't worth the sides, everyone keeps saying "stop being a puss and get the needle!" well if it were that easy I'd do it lol. Whats your take? Ever tried PH's?
    F.E.W.S.I.C (For Everyone Who Said I Couldn't)

  8. Iv done a cycle of h drol. I actually got rebound gyno from it during my pct. Gyno is really not fun so id suggest using nolva in pct if u decide to do a non aromatizing compound. If this is your first cycle I would strongly suggest something mild like furuza, or possibly epistane. You really wanna see how sensetive you are to anabolics before jumping on strong compounds. H drol is mild but it shut me down hard, and I lost more muscle in pct than I gained on cycle. I beleive it was partly due to too much intensity in the gym during pct, you really just want to do maintance work during pct. Yea I agree real anabolics are better but id suggest doing an epistane pulse first since it won't suppress you too much. Theres a thread somewhere on here that tells how to pulse orals. As for real anabolics, there are source check forums that are sponsored by a few good companies, just make sure theres alot of good reviews on them. And if u insist on doing injectables, most people recommend a testosterone only cycle, because they are easier to recover from than multiple compounds and you can see how u react to that one compound. But definately spend a lot of time researching, at least 4 months of research cuz there's a ****load of things you need to know before cycling. I thought I did enough research, turns out I was wrong. Btw im doing a ostarine sarm cycle pretty soon, and they are probly the least suppressive anabolic out there. But the downsides are that we don't know if there's long term side effects because they havent been around very long and the gains arent really gonna be as great as any ph or steriod. But the short term sides arent gonna be as bad as other anabolics either
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.

  9. And in the way of ph's, competitive edge labs makes good products and there probly the most popular brand of clones.
    you can lead a man to knowledge, but you cant make him think.


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