need PCT and on cycle support help

  1. need PCT and on cycle support help

    This will be my cycle come Janurary:
    The ** are the question areas
    Liver care (preloaded 2 weeks)
    Joint Care
    Fish Oil

    **T-Bomb 2??
    Fish Oil
    Joint Care
    Tamoxifen or **whats a good estro control for someone with slight gyno??

    I am about to spend my time up until cycle cutting with a healthy diet and:

    Raspberry Ketones
    Potassium Supplement
    Fish oil
    Joint care

  2. Is this still what you're planning on or did you get some advice somewhere else?

    It looks like you're off to a good start.

    You might want to look into blood pressure support and cholesterol support for during and after cycle. What's your planned dosing schemed for the anabolics. I see that you're going to be using two methylated roids.
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  3. Cycle:
    Methyl 1d
    fish oil
    joint repair
    liver care preloaded
    forged liver
    vitamin c
    orange triad

    Activate Extreme
    tbomb II
    Tamoxifen 3 weeks (20/20/20) with Formastane (until i run out of forma)
    Post Cycle Support (Driven Sports)
    fish oil
    joint repair
    vitamin C
    orange triad

    After or near end of pct:

    Cutting Cycle:
    SNS TTA 500 (1 cap 3x/day, one b4 lunch, b4 dinner, and sleep)
    Raspberry ketones (1cap 3x/day)
    CLA Supreme Caps (2caps 3x/day)
    Orange Triad
    Poesidon (nimbus)
    Vitamin C

    As far as dosing for the anabolics:

    Hdrol week1(50)/week2(50)/week3(50)/week4(50)
    M1-d week2(3caps)/week3(3caps)/week4(3caps)/week5(3caps)

    then PCT

    hdrol= take one cap before breakfast, one before dinner, i work out after i digest my dinner

    methyl 1-d= starting a week after i start the hdrol so i dont **** my liver. im going to take after breakfast, one after lunch, one after dinner

    question: do i have enough on cycle support ? i think im good to go in all other areas. i could move the t bomb to my on cycle? or start in week 3 or 4 of cycle to bridge into pct.

    thoughts and ideas appreciated

  4. 1st, do not cut after PCT. You will end up cutting off all the new muscle gained. Run a recomp cycle instead of whatever you had planned. out of your supports drop the tribulus for sure. Unless you have very bad joints the orange triad will cover you joint wise so you could drop the joint repair also.

    From your pct drop the T bomb II & post cycle support, you already have enough T boosters in there. Dose the nolva 20/20/10, start the formestane wk 3 of pct and run the rec'd dose on the bottle til its gone.

  5. gymrat< when you say run a recomp cycle, do u mean run the cutting cycle i posted above first, then bulk up later with the methyls?



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